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Summery Strawberry Cake

I bet you're expecting some sort of crazy difficult and complex recipe aren't you? Well, that's not my style of baking. If I can use a box of cake mix and add a few simple ingredients to it to jazz it up, then that's what I will do every single time. This recipe is no different....For less than $8 I was able to spruce up a Betty Crocker strawberry cake mix into this pretty little gem .

I was craving something sweet with a hint of savory herbs. That tends to be a typical late summer mood for me. I find myself searching for something light but flavorful. I ran out to the garden and snipped off some rosemary, pulled a lemon from our lemon tree (jk....they aren't ripe yet so I grabbed one from the fridge) and started baking. 

To the box cake mix, I added the ingredients listed on the box as well as juice from half a lemon and a few springs of rosemary. Baked the cake in TWO small 8 inch round pans and waited to cool. I iced the cake with a container of the "whipped" cream cheese icing from Betty Crocker and topped with lemon zest, lemon slices, rosemary twings, and a touch of course sugar on top. 

Serve room temp and ENJOY!

I know, it's nothing cray drastic but the herb and citrus blend mixed with the sweetness from the strawberry cake and cream cheese icing takes this cake to a whole new level!

What's your favorite way to spice up a boxed cake mix?