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A Quick Trip Guide: Nashville, Tennessee

Never thought I'd see the day when I did a trip guide to Nashville but that's what you get when you move to Texas I guess! After 3+ years I finally made it back to the great state of Tennessee! I figured I'd share some photos with y'all and point out a few of the stops we just HAD to make while in town. 

We traveled to Nashville md-day Friday which meant take a non-direct flight (YUCK). After landing in Nashville around 7pm, we spent the evening eating dinner at a friend's house and catching a few minutes of a show at The Basement East. A little before midnight we were tucked into our hotel room and ready to start the following day by road-tripping 3 hours to my hometown: MARYVILLE. 

Before leaving Nash, we woke up early and headed to Biscuit Love. Touristy? YES. Worth the few minutes in line? DEF. If you haven't been....GO.  I munched on The Princess and an iced coffee with caramel. Both were beyond delicious!

Next stop, MARYVILLE. I managed to get very few photos from the day/night which means it must've been a good time. We ate dinner at Los Amigos, drank our fair share of Miller Lite, and spent the evening drowning in new memories. 

Also important to note, Whiskey Myers SOLD OUT The Shed for the first time and kicked ass per usual. The venue truly is one of a kind and fits the band's brand perfectly. 

Here's a few shots I did manage to get! What a night!

First thing that next morning we woke up and headed back to Nashville for our late-afternoon flight. Turns out we were both ready to get home and ended up spending a few hours extra in the airport because we couldn't think of anything else to do! Ha! But before the airport....BRUNCH. 

We made our way to 12 South to The Flipside! Two words: Bloody Mary. We both took part in the 2-for-1 special. Perfect addition to an incredible meal. If you go and are unsure what to order, I HIGHLY recommend the tot nachos. 

 After one of the best meals ever, we walked around and did some browsing/window shopping. On the list? Imogene + Willie, Amelia's Flower Truck, Draper James, White's Mercantile, and Tribe Kelley. We ended up not buying anything but it was fun to browse!

Here's where we headed to the airport to hang out (and eat Burger King because duh). But I'm leaving y'all with some of the "typical" Nashville photos.