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Why I Donated 75% of My Closet

Those who know me best are probably gasping for air right now after reading the title of this blog post. Guess what homies, it's true. The majority of my closet is now sitting in the hands of a resale shop down the street. Five years ago....I mean ever 5 months ago....I would've chopped my right arm off before letting go of that many items but today, I feel better than ever to get them out of our house. 

Photo By: Hannah Haston

A few months ago I found myself starting a new job that I truthfully thought would be my dream opportunity. I worked my butt off to get this kind of job and for whatever reason, it just started to feel so so wrong. I hated myself. I'd never been able to say that before, but I could now with ease. I lost my organization, my creative energy was non-existent, and most importantly, my self-confidence was lacking. I slowly realized I was caring more and more about what others thought and less and less about my own opinions. 

So, after saying peace out to that job (!!!!!) and learning to love myself again, I decided I would focus on what I (YES ME. I GET TO MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS AGAIN) wanted to wear. I cut back to the basics. A few pairs of jeans and shorts, a handful of "dressy" tops (think Banana Republic solid blouses), and my collection of vintage/band/business tees. I realized that was all I needed and that I felt most like "me" when wearing those few pieces on repeat. 

Photo By: Hannah Haston
Now you ask, how long will this last? Well, I'm pretty set on fall/winter clothes so hopefully forever. I'm sure there will be times I pick up a pair of jeans or a new vintage tee but for the most part, I'm completely happy with what I'm working with. 

And from this point on, the most "dressed up" you'll see me is when I decide to throw on a pair of brightly colored earrings with my ripped up t-shirt because now, I can wear what I want.