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A Guide To Belize: What We Ate

One of the best parts about vacation has to be trying all the delicious food am I right? Because this was our second time to Caye Caulker, we already had a few favorites we knew we HAD to eat at, but also went in with zero plans and 100% open to anything and everything. (Also important to reiterate that the island is 1 mile wide and 5 miles long so there aren't a plethora of options. Plenty, but not an abundance.)

Here's a look at some of the things we ate throughout our honeymoon:

Happy Lobster:
This was our first stop of our honeymoon. This was somewhere we ate last time and knew it would be the BEST place for lobster on the island!

Amor Cafe:
I think the final count for times we ate here on our honeymoon was THREE. It's that good y'all. Best place to get fresh veggies and homemade bread! Get the egg sandwich (made 100 different ways), you won't regret it. And the coffee? STRONG IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. 

Pasta Per Caso
This was a given! We KNEW we had to come back here this trip after eating it TWICE last trip. I must say, it was just as good this time around. FAVE PLACE ON THE ISLAND. They offer two dinner options every single night. Our pro-tip is to order one of each and share! We also HIGHLY recommend the salad to start with! Share! It's big enough for two!

This was my favorite place we ate on the island this trip. My food was beyond delicious and made right in front of your eyes. It looks like someone's kitchen in their house (it is!) but don't be scared of it. SO GOOD!

The Magic Grill
We ate here one night when we weren't super hungry. We ended up just grabbed one meal to share. It was okay. Fresh? YES. As good as other places on the island? Probably not. 

Rainbow Grill & Bar
This was a late afternoon lunch we decided to treat ourselves with because we walked all over the island the few hours before. We grabbed some fresh snapper quesadillas and OMG so yummy! Get yourself two Belkins and you've got the perfect afternoon treat!

To see our favorite place we ate in San Pedro, check out our Guide To Belize: San Pedro HERE. 

SIDENOTE: We drank ALL THE BELKIN while we were here....per usual.