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All About Houseplants!

Houseplants have become a staple in our world the past year or so. They add so much to a space and truly give it all the cozy and homey vibes! 

Tips For A Healthy Houseplant:
1. KNOW THE PLANT! Don't go off what the people at Home Depot say. Yes they are nice but 9 times out of 10 they have NO IDEA what they are talking about. Research the plant and make sure you can take care of it the way it needs. 
2. Lighting is EVERYTHING. Some plants need tons of light and that's hard for a lot of people. Does you home have lots of windows? Do you have room for a large plant right in front of your back door? These are the things you must think about before bringing a plant in. They only thrive where they get the lighting they require. 
3. WATER ENOUGH BUT NOT TOO MUCH. It's a battle any plant person faces...."is my fiddle leaf fig dying because it needs more water?" *waters it*. "SHIT, it's dying because I overwatered it?" Seriously. Me every few weeks. Again, KNOW THE PLANT. 
4. Re-potting is KEY for getting your plants to new heights. They only grow to the size of their containers. SO, if you are looking for a little more growth, grab a larger pot!

- Some plants need to have their leaves cleaned and/or dusted! They make the cutest little brushes for this task OR you can grab a lightly damp washcloth and clean off all the dust on the leaves. This allows the light to really get to the leaf!
- If you can see a plants roots on the top of the surface, it's time to get a bigger pot or add more soil. If you aren't looking for a lot more growth, just scoop a couple cups of soil on top of the roots. They need coverage to hold in water!
- Brown leaves usually means poor watering habits. Make sure you water the plant thoroughly until water runs from drainage holes. Shallow watering causes the brown tips!

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