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Tips for Better Shop Organization

If you know me at all, you know I spend 90% of the (small amount) of free time I have in the shop. Something you might NOT know though, I'm crazy about organization. Everything has its own place, everything about that just makes me happy. 

Wall Control:
Part of my organization OCD is having as little on the floor as possible. I like to have as much hanging on the wall as I safely have room for. I love having a place for everything and Wall Control makes it that much easier to do so. On top of that the stuff is made right here in the USA. It's a better alternative to pegboard since it's made of metal. This allows the holes to stay in tact versus ripping out over time. It always holds a lot more weight than traditional pegboard which is one of the many reasons it's become such a huge part of my shop setup. 

Wall Control: Accessories 
HIGHLY recommend their assorted accessories also. I love the fact that the system can use pegs or shelving systems! The shelves I show here are 12" deep and 16"wide and we are using them to store all our Whiskey Boat Goods oil, jar, and lid back-stock  As you can see they can hold a significant amount of weight without ripping the holes which would be common with traditional pegboard material. 

Bins + Containers:
Some would say I am OCD, but I just like to be efficient, I think. I like to know exactly where everything is so that I can find it the quickest. I grabbed a couple of these storage bins off of Amazon when we first started setting the shop up. I have them up on the wall and they work great for organizing everything from screws, bolts, hooks, hinges, etc organized. The best part? It doesn't take up much room either and is keeping all the little things from rolling around or getting lost. 

PRO TIP: Label the drawers for added organization!

Tool Organizers:
Organization, organization, organization. I am a big fan of it. This little screwdriver pegboard accessory is a great addition to the shop. Keeps all of them standing straight up so they are easy to grab and use! The wrench organizer (linked a similar one below) is such an easy way to stay organized and have everything in order so looking for the right size amongst a pile of wrenches is never an issue!

Drawer Organizers:
These are a MUST if you have a toolbox in your shop! They keep everything in place which means you don't have to worry about all those odds and ins rolling around all over the place!

These little guys are SO USEFUL! We picked these up FOR FREE from Harbor Freight with the purchase of something else within the store. We added them to a strip of metal on our pegboard originally, but can now simply place it on our Wall Control! They are great for those important screws you just can't afford to lose!

Cord Organization:
Packbands are a LIFE SAVER! If you are looking for an easy way to keep all your cords wrapped up and organized, look no further. It truly is the best new way to organize and avoid those messy tangles!

TIP: Make everything mobile! This helps a ton! Buy lots of items that fold up and move. This allows you to constantly adjust to the amount of space you need for each job/task. If something is stationary (work bench, etc), add casters to the bottoms so they can roll out of the way!


Another great place to shop for things like this? Harbor Freight. They are inexpensive and have TONS of options. A lot of the little items you see came from there for half the price! Don't forget your weekly coupon!