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My Love For Vintage Tees + Tips For Finding Your Own

One of my favorite things to collect is vintage tees. I have about 20 that I wear on a regular basis and they are the majority of the items I kept in my closet clean-out (read more about that HERE). Below I've listed some of my best tips and tricks to finding the vintage tees of your dreams! Check it out!

There's so many things to list here. My number one place: thrift stores. Find some good thrift stores that specialize in vintage finds and resale. A lot of times you'll notice two things: 1. Some of the tees are SO CHEAP 2. Some of the tees are WAYYYY OVER PRICED. This is something I run into a lot while shopping in person. Make sure you look online for shirts like ti and see what they are selling for. One of my favorite in-person finds is the shirt pictured above. This Alabama shirt cost me a tiny fraction of the $150 it's currently selling for online. EEK!

I only have one thing to say here....MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. I've purchased MANY shirts offline for Eddie and I and 100% of them have been exactly what I thought I would get but that's because I read the descriptions, ask questions, research pricing, etc. The saying "if it looks too good be true, it probably is" is not always a good rule of thumb though. I've found shirts from the early 80's with tags still attached for a decent deal.

- QUALITY. Make sure you look for holes, rips, stains, etc. Sometimes this doesn't bother me but other times it does. I don't want to pay $20 for a "nasty" option when there's one online for $35 that's in much better condition. Most tees should looks somewhat worn in. If it looks too clean with perfect coloring, there's a chance it's a replica.

-Sizing. Always shop garment measurements (online) or try on before buying. Vintage sizing is usually a bit different than your normal size. Sizing also varies A TON in the vintage world so never just go off a standard size. I like both a fitted shirt (for tucking in high waisted jeans) and also loose baggy tees (for over denim cutoffs and more of a casual look) so I never really fit into a true size but if you're looking for an exact fit, double check!

- Check the tags! Most vintage tees are Hanes or Fruit of The least that's what I've determined. Additionally, some artists started adding their own tags to shirts. Those are usually a sign that these came directly from their merch booths.

- Copyright dates are important! They usually appear on the bottom corners of the graphics (front or back) so make sure you look for those.

- Replicas are OKAY...if you want them to be. There's nothing wrong with having a reprint in your closet. After all, it's your collection! These are usually cheaper anyway! Wear them with sweats! SHOWN BELOW: replica Waylon Jennings tank from Midnight Rider

I love wearing my tees on a daily basis so nothing too dressy. Jeans, jean shorts, jean skirt, sweats, etc. With that being said, you could easily add a leather jacket and some cute embroidered booties and head out for a late night concert or dinner date. If you wanna dress them up, I suggest mixing a printed bottom (skirt, pants, etc.) with the casual look of the tee on top. This keeps it edgy, cool, and bit more dressed up. Throw on a cool heel and you're ready for a night out on the town!