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Salmon Bowls for BLW (baby-led weaning)

 I’m back with another easy meal for you family + baby. These are meals we’ve cooked for ourselves and adapted for Jennings. We started baby-led weaning (BLW) over a month ago and it’s been great for Jennings and not as difficult as expected for us. I have a whole blog about starting BLW and all the things you need to know that you can read here:

Starting Solids/What You Need

Tonight we had salmon bowls for dinner. 

Here's a look at how WE ate it and how SHE ate it.


- Salmon: 
Cut into strips (about two finger widths in size) and seasoned with avocado oil, dill, and fresh lemon. Baked in the oven and served whole.

- Cauliflower:
Roasted in the oven with avocado oil and served in large florets.

- Strawberry:
I prepped these organic strawberries this week. I always wash and cut the tops and store in my favorite fridge organizer (linked below). I served these whole and she is able to bite off just small pieces at a time.  

Another option would’ve been to give her cucumber. To prepare that I would simply slice in half and offer. Bigger is better when starting BLW. 


I served our dinner in bowl form. These consisted of baked salmon (with lemon and chili oil) and roasted cauliflower over rice. I topped with diced cucumbers and drizzled some taziki sauce on top. 

As you can see, we were able to have a complete [and normal!] meal while adapting it to meet our baby's needs for starting solids! Plus, she loved it which you can tell in these photos: